This document consists of:
1. Invitation to Gothic Funk Party #5
2. Photos of the Party
3. Accounts of the Party

1. The invitation to Gothic Funk Party #5:

Invitation written by Amber.

... ... ... ... ... the Occlusion Group presents ... ... ... ... ...

.... --- .... GOTHIC FUNK PARTY #4 .... --- ....

... -- ... The MEDICAL MELTDOWN ... -- ...

-- _* Brace yourselves, tout le monde, and don your goggles, lab coats, tap shoes, and feather boas, 'cause there's going to be a PARTY (show)PARTY in Hyde Park on Friday, February 18th, and you're all invited? yea, urgently desired? to attend. On that most excellent eve, the Occlusion Group and the Gothic Funk Initiative will en- treat you to elevate your heart rate with the vocal talents and ipod-driven beats of:

The Illustrious Mr. GABE McELWAIN (c. 9:30)

The Inimitable Mr. LOREN JAN WILSON (c. 10:30)

The Mind-Blowingly Medicinal ZINC FINGER AND THE MAJOR GROOVE (c. 11:30)

-- _* Arrive at 8:00 pm to indulge in good company and your choice of a special selection of stimulants, depressants, and stuff located way up high in the pointy part of the food pyramid. Please be advised of the dress code (see below) and the mandate to move your feet to the beats.

.. --- .. FAQ .. --- ..

?Where the hell is it??

5509 S. Hyde Park Blvd. #3 (Look for the buzzer labeled "Moomers.?)
Rumor has it there's actually a stage...

?What the hell is Gothic Funk??

Sponsorship, mayhem, tribute, parties...What is it not? The manifesto, in all of its rhetorical glory, may be found at:

Or, if you're so inclined, you may search your deepest self for the answer...

?What on earth will I wear??

Here's a rubric regarding the dress code:

Naturally, on this occasion, we especially encourage the presence of doctors, nurses, candy stripers, and mental ward escapees.

?How can I make this thing even more freakishly awesome than it?s already bound to be??

First, you can BYOB. We?ll get you started, and we?ll provide mixers, but your habits will probably outpace our provisions (you lush, you). So bring it if you've got it!

Second, feel free to contribute to the theme in any (safe) way you can imagine. Have you been hiding your glorious medical illustrations in the basement, for fear of the all-seeing eyes and pitiless mouths of critics? Did you steal a gurney from the hospital during last year?s Scavhunt? Bring it if you?ve got it. Also, anyone with an intimate knowledge of Hyde Park music, Gothic Funk, and/or the wide world of medicine is encouraged to submit multiple choice questions (and answers) to [Amber], for inclusion on the impending midterm.

This PARTY is graciously brought to you by: the Occlusion Group, available at

2. Photos of the Party.
All photos by E. Blair

3. Accounts of the Party:

from Blue Skies Falling:

Gothic Funk Party #5 was delightful. Colin's place on S. Hyde Park has, of course, evolved over the years into a facility uniquely suited for such gatherings (if you ask him, he can tell you some stories of the past). An astonishing number of people actually arrived wearing scrubs, masks, surgical gloves, and accoutrements. There were also a few med school students. At least four groups performed, ranging from improvising DJs to the half-pop, but everything I saw was cool. The main act, Zinc Finger and the Major Groove, a group of med school students that rap about med school, managed to get more fleshy U of C hands in the air than I've ever seen... which is always a good thing. Attendance topped 100, and with a lack of excessive drunkeness, the party was a definite contrast with #4. The was, however, more dancing.