This document consists of:
1. Invitation to Gothic Funk Party #4
2. Photos of the Party
3. Accounts of the Party

1. The invitation to Gothic Funk Party #4:

The Occlusion Group Presents
an event an exhibition a party

G o t h i c F u n k P a r t y # 4
~ in lovely EDGEWATER BEACH ~

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4th from 10:30 PM
5820 N. Kenmore Ave. #801

+++ Easily accessible by the Lake Shore Drive or the Red
Line! +++ No cover! Free food and drinks! Free scandal!
+++ Stay the night if you like! +++ (Hot toddies and
hot chocolate will be provided in the wee hours) +++

Party Information at

Gothic Funk Information at

Occlusion Group Information at

from Skylar:

this is sky. whether you know me or not, on friday before GOTHIC FUNK #4 [Vendredi Gras], you should pretend to. a club called Funk Groove Bar drew my name after i went there once, so this friday i & "my friends" get in without cover from 8-11, & have an open bar from 9-10. these people are way too excited to whore themselves out, & when i inquired about limits, i was told to bring as many people as i want.

we are planning to be there only for the hour of the open bar; arrive at maybe at 8:50, empty their stock, & then exeunt at 10, to ride the Red Line to GF4. being gold coast, its normally an overpriced joint. sam & i werent exactly swept off our feet, or onto the dance floor, by the music when we were there, but at least it isnt one of the bad-80s clubs surrounding it. if 5 of us are there, abusing their hospitality, we will be assholes, flat out; if 20 or 30 join us, we will hold a corporate indemnity, & we will consume a far more impressive quantity.

aparently, everyone who fills out a slip eventually wins - sam has a friday of his own in his pocket. if you do come, just be sure to tell the doorman you are with sky or skylar. i would like to stress the convenient proximity to the Red Line @ Clark & Division - dont get smashed, & then drive to edgewater [there isnt really parking, anyway.] if people want to go with connor & sam to meet at my place first, we can arrive with some presence. if you cant make it, well... youll have some catching up to do later.

viva la rotacion!

Funk Groove Bar
5 W. Division St.
[basement level, below The Leg Room & Bar Chicago]

2. Photos of the Party.
All photos by Connor Coyne

3. Accounts of the Party:

from Blue Skies Falling:

The party itself a haze. Attendance probably topped out around 30 but a solid 10 stayed all night. Paul crashed in my room, and the GF hardcore crowd converged for Ventredi debauchery.

(None on this, to protect both the innocent and the guilty.)

We got up at 10ish and went to breakfast at the Broadway corner diner.

Ed. Note: This party was "the one that got out of hand." Though one may debate that was the point of the exercise in the first place.